Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Conceptual Fashion Photo Shoot

Last Wednesday was awesome. I can't even begin to tell you how I excited I was when I knew I was going  to assist in a  photo shoot. The man behind the camera was Michael Howard. I met him a few months ago when he led the I♥Faces Photo Walk in Nashville. Ever since then I've been following his work on his Facebook and his Webpage. He is an amazing photographer; he shoots weddings, underwater, fashion, and musicians. What I love most about his work is his generosity to share his knowledge. Micheal is having a workshop in Kansas City Missouri on July 7th and 8th where he will help photographers find their unique vision. This comes directly from his workshop website "I firmly believe in encouraging people to make their photography about what excites them most instead of what pays them most. While it's great to make a living through photography, it's best to feel alive through it. My goal is to help photographers express their point of view and discourage them from becoming clones of people they admire."  Isn't that awesome! People like Michael are the reason why I choose to pay it forward. Thank you so much for letting me part of this!  The shoot Wednesday was conceptual fashion. Conceptual just means that there was an idea and planning before the image was created and also usually there is some type of message. I was kinda nervous while driving there. I always get nervous when meeting new people, and I kept thinking I was just not going to fit in...BUT all the people there that made this shoot possible were SO NICE!! There was a good energy all around and I felt like I had worked with these people before. I didn't get to take many behind the scenes shots since I was busy helping Michael out, but here are a few.

The beautiful super nice Salome (you may recognize her from Bravo's Make me a Super Model Season 2) getting makeup done by the super talented Eryk of DaturaGlamourCouture.

The house was beautiful. There was amazing art everywhere and the living room had glass walls! I wish I had a house like that full of NATURAL light!

Salome goofing off before the shoot started.

Oh yeah it's looking good! (Salome, Michael, Connie! she was the stylist and had the coolest clothes!! and John the owner of the house)

Going for a different look...

Shana was the master of the hairspray! I just realized every picture I have of her she is hiding!! Or I cropped her, sorry Shana! you were wonderful!

Last but not least Jackson. One thing you should know about him is not to touch his tail.

Michael's sneak peak of the shoot

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