Friday, June 18, 2010

Fix it Friday

This is my edit for this week's Fix it Friday. For my edit, I adjusted the curves, smoothed her face and brightened her eyes a bit. I also cropped the image and burned the edges. I'm trying to keep my processing clean and simple. Thank you to Julie Rivera for submitting this picture and letting us play with it!


  1. Hi Nallely - which software do you edit with? RAW or jpg? What's your preference?
    Great photos as usual. I watch with interest and try to learn from your commentary about how you did what you did.
    Keep it up :))

  2. Hi Paul! I use Photoshop CS4 to edit. I just recently started shooting in RAW not too long ago. I was scared of it for a long time, and now I feel silly because it is so much better and lets you work the image more since it is not compressed. The above picture is not mine, I only edited it for the I♥Faces fix-it-Friday challenge. If you have any type of photo editing software you can edit it too!