Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 8- I♥Faces Photo Challenge- "Hands-On Fun"

I'm always amazed at my mom's hands. Her hands are soft and delicate despite years of hard work. Over the years she has done so much with them for us. I think back of when we lived in Mexico and she would wash all of our clothes by hand. She has made so much food from scratch, tortillas, tamales, gorditas, soups, all that cutting, and mixing, and kneading. When we were babies she knitted our clothes, little hats, dresses, as we got older she had to sew rips, let clothes in or sometimes out.. Those hands have been caring in times when we were ill, checking our foreheads for a fever, wiping tears when we didn't feel good, giving hugs. And even when didn't like it, it was probably for our best, but those hands have taught us discipline :) We probably deserved to get our butts spanked! Now that she's a grandma she works extra hard so she can get her work done in 3 days and watch Adrian for 2! She is caring for him as much as she has cared for us. She is talented and makes the most beautiful knitted/ crocheted hats and scarves. I LOVE my mom! and I think this picture shows how delicate she really is!

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