Sunday, January 10, 2010

My beautiful sis

Today was my sister's birthday. She is 21! I can't believe it...Stefany is an awesome person. We've been through so much together. When we lived in Mexico we were playing rough and I pushed her and she cracked her head open :( I felt sooooo bad...oh my gosh..and mom was so mad at was a sad sad day...I'm sorry Steffy for pushing you. Then later we moved to the U.S..we didn't know a word of English..we were scared but we made it!! Steffy graduated from cosmetology school, she hangs on to her dreams and she is always there for me, but the best part is that since she's been here she's always made me smile!! That's my favorite thing about Steffy, when we are together we just laugh and goof off and carry on and it's so natural, because it's's a thing only sisters share! I love you Steffy, you'll always be my little sister...

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