Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beautiful things can be found anywhere- Winter 2010

I really can not remember getting this much snow since well...when we moved to Tennessee from Mexico. That was 15 years ago! We probably have had more snow since but I dont remember being this pretty! One of my most fondest memories of snow was when my mom first saw it. She started crying! We all thought it was so beautiful and we went outside to play. At that time we lived on Jacobs Pillar road with my Aunt Janice. Janice took us down the road and we took pictures, had a snowfight then she even collected to some to make icecream!! I thought that was crazy, but it turned out pretty good! Today as I looked outside I remembered a lot of those times. Everything here (in Tennessee)seemed so new and amazing, I felt like that today seeing the snow. You really can find beauty everywhere!

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