Monday, August 9, 2010

Senior Pictures!! Jordan

Isn't senior year fun? I remember mine really well even though it happened 8 years ago! Wow, I'm getting old. Anyways, Jordan is a senior this year. I did his sister's Ashlie senior pictures last year. They are both super smart kids with bright futures ahead of them. The funny thing about doing Jordan's pictures is that we almost didn't get to do them. The very first time we met we got caught in a storm and only got a are some of these. They were taken at Cannonsburgh in Murfreesboro.

we found some shelter here while the storm passed

Due to the rain and humidity that day, we decided to redo the shoot at a later, sunnier day. But as soon as we got to Murfreesboro that day it rained all over again. So we all went out to eat :)

A few weeks later we decided maybe Murfreesboro didn't like us, so we headed over to Rock Island. You can tell a few weeks went by, look at his grew a bunch!

The real treat that day was this place. Thank you lady whoever you are for letting us take pictures in your cool collection..

and last but not least I couldn't leave out Jordan's sweetheart Blakney. Thank you Blakney for making him smile for the camera!

Thanks for looking!

** Please feel free to share photos I've taken of you with others, I just ask that you do not remove my watermark or alter them in any way. A link back to my blog would be nice too. Thank you so much and I hope you come back and visit soon!**

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