Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm addicted. It's true. I love photography. I love looking at pictures, love taking them, love reading about it, love thinking about it, love talking about it. These past few weeks I haven't taken any pictures and I'm having withdrawals. I really want a new lens, specifically the 50mm 1.4 the 1.2 would be better, or maybe the 24-70mm lens, or an 85mm.... Why cant I be rich so I could have all these things? Then I could be GREAT! I want to be great so bad it hurts. You dont even know. I'm confused.

On a different note, adrian will be 1 yr old soon. That little stink! I'm planning his birthday party and a photoshoot of course.

You know what else I love? Newborns, they are so sweet, and cuddly, and I miss Adrian being that little already. Here is a cute newborn, I'm hoping I can take more baby pictures soon.

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